I will share engaging Instagram feed posts, reels, and stories.

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Offer Details :

I will share engaging Instagram feed posts, reels, and stories.

1-Social Share on Instagram---(Starting from 400/- INR)


Add-on Services

1. Amplify the promotional Posts-

I'll add your custom link to my Instagram bio for at least 1 week. OR


I'll add your custom link to my Linktree for at least 1 month.


About this offer

I can create engaging posts in the form of try-on hauls, product reviews, and more. I'm very passionate about the brands I promote and add a personal touch to my posts.

My followers usually see this and get more excited and interested in trying the product or service and promoting it.

Niche- Fashion & Beauty, Clothing & Apparel, Fitness & Health, MOM Influencer.


About the influencer


My name is Sweety and I'm a beauty and Parenting influencer on Instagram and youtube.

I'm using these platforms to share my story and speak out about my personal experience and encourage others to care for and love themselves as well.

I now use my public image and strong social media following to serve as an advocate for health care, Parenting Tips, and Beauty products reviews, and would love to work with other brands who support this and are also passionate about this.

I currently focus my Instagram posts on self-care, body positivity, physical health, fashion, travel, and mental health, but I'm open to working with a wide variety of different brands to inform, educate, and inspire my followers.



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