I will promote your brand to my 10K subscribers on youtube!

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Offer Details-

I will promote your brand campaign, Events, and services to my more than 10K subscribers on youtube!

1- Video Review on YouTube

Account #1 (2K Reach)

Add-on Services

1. Custom graphics (Promotional)

I'll include custom graphics on the YouTube video.

2. Instagram Post

I will pair the video with an Instagram story post promoting the product.


About this offer :

I will include a segment in a video for your product for my subscribers to see. My videos will be either web development, latest IT technology, science, or activism-based.

I am well-spoken and persuasive, and my video editing is polished.

My YouTube has almost 10,000 subscribers and I am able to feature products and services so more people will know more about your product, company, or service.


About the influencer

My Profile- https://adfames.com/profile/brijesh-kumar-sharma 


I am a Technical YouTuber, and Content Creator who will help with brand promotion.





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