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AdFames provides an influencer campaign platform that has a very simple registration process for Advertisers to hire influencers and start influencer campaigns to promote their brands on social media. You just need to register yourself with your brand email id. Add more details about your brand to attract more job proposals.

  • Digital Influencer

    A digital influencer is one having followers on social media and who has the ability to influence people to make or change decisions and opinions. Digital influencers are the source of trust for their followers in taking some major buying decisions.

  • Many brands from various industries work with social influencers to create influencer campaigns and promote their brand on social media. Some of the big brands that use social influencer campaigns are Adidas, Pepsi, Motorola, etc.

  • The cost of an influencer campaign depends on many factors such as the number of followers of the influencer, type of social media platform, type of post, and much more. You can use our platform to get all the essential details of a social influencer and hire them if their skills match your campaign requirements.

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Getting Into Business

Start Collaborating With Influencers

Once your registration is complete, you are ready to collaborate with influencers. Explore the list of social media influencers with an option of multiple categories to choose from. Filter out your results with the required skills, location, influencer type, and language to get the perfect match for your business requirements. Connect with the social media influencers, discuss your requirements, and send them offers.

  • We have a list of influencers who possess expertise in different skills. You can refine the list of social influencers as per your campaign requirements using filters such as skills, location, influencer type, and language.

  • AdFames offers an environment where you can search, select, and send proposals to influencers with ease. You should always use the following three things while sending an offer to an influencer:

    1. Use their name in Greeting,
    2. Tell them why their content is relevant to your campaign requirements, and
    3. Brief about your brand.
  • Yes. Once you create your brand profile on our Influencer campaign platform, you will be able to check the profile of influencers, and even send them a job proposal. You can see their skillset, previously completed projects, and client feedbacks as well.

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Join, Collaborate, Gain Profit

Manage Your Profitable Account

AdFames gives you a manageable profile where you can manage influencer proposals, your current and completed projects, your other business details, and your transactions. Promote your brand on social media to get more leads and eventually, conversions with our advanced platform for a successful influencer campaign.

  • AdFames gives the decision opportunity to both the influencers and advertisers in the payment system. Influencers can create their services with the predefined cost of promotion and brands can hire them and pay a predefined amount upon completion of the project. Advertisers can create the ad for their campaign requirements and set the fixed price.

  • The gradual decrease of consumers' trust in content created by brands and the number of ad blockers have reduced the importance of digital ads and brands are moving towards influencer campaigns to reach the target audience. Influencers affect the decisions of their followers that leads to better conversion for brands.

  • Yes. Influencer campaigns are very productive in website promotion. You can promote your website successfully by selecting the best suitable influencer for your campaign to get more leads. Search from the thousands of social influencers on AdFames and hire them to successfully run your influencer campaign and promote your website on social media.

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Get Hired For Influencer Campaign

Build Appealing Profile & Collaborate!

Create your profile on AdFame, add your skills, your personal details, etc. Make your profile more appealing to advertisers by adding your previous experiences and projects & awards. Our influencer campaign platform offers multiple categories for influencers to start with.

Once your profile is completed, you get access to your dashboard from where you can post your services, check the latest proposals, your ongoing projects & services, your transaction details, and much more. AdFames allows you to filter the list of ads for influencer campaigns according to your requirements such as skills, location, price range, project length, and language.

Send proposals to the advertisers of your interested skills or advertisers can also reach out to you. Either way, you are ready to collaborate with the advertisers and start your social influencer campaign.

  • Social Media Influencer is a person who has dedicated followers groups on various social media. These influencers can control their influence on their followers and affect their decision-making capacity. One can hire a social media influencer to promote their brand on social media.

  • A proposal is the starting point of a conversation with the brand. It should include an attractive cover page, your previous project details, pricing packages, estimated timeline & workflow, etc. As an influencer, you should always have a clear understanding of the brand's goals to deliver the best results from the campaign.

  • Influencers need to be up to date with the current trends and scenarios. If influencers want to grow in the influencer marketing field, they should have some very essential skills such as understanding of marketing & branding, excellent communication skills, writing ability, public speaking, the versatility of social media, and project management. These skills can help an influencer to run a successful influencer campaign. Show your skillset to brands using our influencer campaign management platform.

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Influencer Industry Related FAQs

Get Answers For Your Queries

Following are some of the general frequently asked questions about influencers, brands, and influencer campaign platforms. If have any other queries and questions, you can reach out to us.

  • Influencers and Brand Ambassadors play different roles in brand promotion. Brands can have a Brand Ambassador who can promote the brand with word of mouth and can work with the brand for a long time whereas influencers promote the brand using sample products or services in 2-3 social media posts in a single social influencer campaign.

  • Many brands believe that influencer marketing is an expensive marketing type. Well, it's not totally true. It depends on many factors such as your business size, your resources, influencer type, post type, etc. AdFames has a list of social influencers with different expertise, different influencer types (independent, agency influencers, new rising stars), and different price range. One can use our influencer collaboration platform to choose the influencer according to their budget and requirements.

  • Choosing the right influencer for an influencer campaign is important to generate more relevant leads for brands. Some of the important factors that brands should look at when choosing influencers are influencers' reach, engagement, social media platform, reputation, previous content, audience, brand safety, etc.

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