What is Influencer Affiliate Marketing and How it is beneficial for an influencer?

May 3, 2022

With a High Rate of Audience engagement, influencers can utilize their social media profiles to reach and connect with targeted and Prospect customers for your company. 

Working with influencers is a great opportunity for creating brand awareness with Quality and authentic content, and also driving high-quality leads or sales by working with them.

Because of all this, influencers and content creators can be a great addition to Brands’ Affiliate marketing program.

What is Affiliate Marketing for Influencers?

Affiliate marketing for influencers is a way to boost their earnings by receiving a commission payment on the clicks, sales, leads, or Traffic they drive on behalf of brands. To earn this commission, influencers will use uniquely trackable Affiliate links for sharing and then for tracking how clicks or leads were generated.

Another form is sharing Promo Codes or Links on Instagram, which is also a type of Affiliate marketing as most of the influencers are marketing and pitching their audiences from Instagram. Or they may also find a better Engagement rate.

Brands will be set up with an Affiliate program that will have some form of a dashboard, so influencers can easily check how numerous clicks and leads from their affiliate links are generating.

Why you should include social influencers in your Brand’s affiliate marketing program?

Affiliate marketing and influencer marketing both are similar in numerous ways. Both marketing strategies involve using dedicated brand advocates to promote products, services & benefits. 

With all of these similarities, influencers can be easily participate in the Affiliate Marketing Program and can start promoting your brand with their trusted communities and social followers.

Benefits of Making Influencers part of Brand’s Affiliate Program

  1. Better Reach using different marketing channels- 

Influencers with built-in followers on social media and high engagement rates can directly put your brand’s products and services in front of their audiences in a creative manner on platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook & Linkedin, etc.

2. Get more Leads & sales with social proof

Audiences on social media are highly interested in what & how influencers do and they mostly try to follow them. Followers trust the suggestions & recommendations from influencers which is the easiest and most convenient way to engage with potential customers. 

  1. Market your brand with creative content.

Nowadays, while only a few consumers trust brand advertisements, Influencers can promote your products or services in a more precious and authentic way with creative & engaging content like how-to videos, product reviews, benefits and offers promotions, etc.

How to get top influencers to promote your product

Todays’ growing industry provides an excellent opportunity for affiliates to grow, so there’s no better time to find influencer affiliate partners.

Find your niche related influencers

Finding influencers for your brand promotion is the foremost marketing task. Influencers can be social media personalities, industry experts, bloggers. They can range from large-scale celebrity influencers with millions of followers on social media to micro-influencers with niche-related audiences. Instead of planning to partner with celebrity influencers, it can also be best to find influencers that fit into your brand requirements and share the same target audience.

Search for Top Social Media Influencers and affiliates

With the increase in popularity and High engagements on social media, influencers find these platforms suitable for sharing all their content and so this will be the best point for your influencer search.
Brands can also start to search for niche-related influencers by using popular hashtags and brand-related terms. But There’s likely to be a ton of results appearing for your search.
Generally, the social media platforms algorithm will show the most popular content at the top. But then it doesn’t mean they’re the right influencer fit for promoting your brand.

There are some important things that you need to take into consideration while choosing an influencer
1. Content Quality & Frequency
2. Audience engagement Rate
3. Authenticity

Adfames Affiliate Marketing Program

Adfames is India’s top growing influencer marketing and video monetization platform. 

At Adfames we help top brands to find their niche-related top influencers and affiliates for their brand promotion and marketing. We are providing a platform for both the influencers and brands to collaborate with each other.

Adfames Affiliate marketing program provides the best opportunity for all the influencers and affiliates partnering with us to earn a joining bonus and referral rewards for each successful lead and helps to boost your earnings.

Join Adfames Affiliate Program with a just 3 -Easy steps

  1. Sign up –  Fill in basic details, like Name, Email id, Contact no, etc. It is easy and absolutely free to set up your account.
  2. Share Affiliate Link- Use our affiliate links to promote our platform from your social media profiles to your followers and buddies.
  3. Earn rewards- After each successful signup and working on at least one gig you will receive the reward amount of 750/-.

Benefits of Adfames Affiliate Program

  1. Adfames Affiliate Marketing Program Provides Partnership to Influencers, Affiliates & Publishers with Exclusive Joining Bonus & Referal Rewards.
  2. You have Not required to pay any Initial Setup Cost while Joining Adfames Affiliate Marketing Program. It’s free and easy to use.
  3. We Keep Track of Each Conversion / Lead generated using the affiliate link and Provide Recurring Rewards for Each Referral.
  4. AdFames Affiliate program may also help in growing Influencers’ follower base & Audience engagement rate