Top Strategies For Getting Real Instagram Followers

May 12, 2022

Instagram has become one of the best social platforms for influencers and companies. Normal people with content creating skills are becoming great influencers and companies are promoting their brands to a wider audience. What an awesome image social network! But how to get free real Instagram followers to achieve these goals? For some, it’s not easy to create a genuine follower base.

If you are the one facing this problem, don’t worry! We got you covered. Here are the top strategies for getting real Instagram followers for your account. So, let’s dive in!

Optimize Your Instagram Account For Strong Impression

Before doing anything to get real Instagram followers for free, optimize your Instagram account. Your Instagram account works as a landing page for your profile visitors. If you don’t have an optimized profile, it will create a bad impression for the visitors resulting in leaving your profile without following you.

Just imagine an Instagram profile without a profile picture, without a bio, and without a proper username. Would you like to follow such a profile? Obviously not. It’s crucial to have a proper profile picture, a good username, a proper bio that describes your niche, and a relevant link. Apart from that, your posts should be in sync with each other. Following a pattern in your posting like proper color combinations make your profile more attractive and ultimately can improve your follower count.

Use The Right Hashtags In The Post

Using hashtags in the post and using ‘RIGHT’ hashtags in the post are two different things. Most people think that using trending hashtags in their posts even if they are not relevant to their posts will increase post engagement. This is totally wrong. If people search for the hashtag, found your post, and found nothing relevant to that hashtag, they will straightforwardly leave your post.

Search and select one hashtag that will represent your niche and your username. You will use this hashtag in your every post. Use the post-related highly searched hashtags after your brand hashtag. Keep the number of hashtags used in limits. Don’t overuse the hashtags. It would look like spam. Keep them under 20 (the limit for hashtags is 30, but don’t use all).

Stay Real & Honest

“Everything is perfect” is a fake sentence! Nothing is perfect and nobody is perfect. No matter what you are going through, always stay real and honest to yourself and your followers. Just an example, if you are a cooking expert, it is not necessary to keep your kitchen so tidy. Relate yourself with your followers and show them some real stuff instead of an imaginary world. This will help you generate more connectivity with your Instagram followers and eventually will help you in getting real Instagram followers.

Be Consistent For Getting Real Instagram Followers

People who are consistent in posting regularly, checking comments, and responding to them on daily basis, most probably see an increase in real Instagram followers. Posting regularly on Instagram keeps you connected with your followers. It may happen due to some reason that you won’t be able to post content regularly. It’s pretty much understandable.

In such a case, you can simply give an update to your followers through Stories about your unavailability or you can also schedule a post well in advance for the particular day.

Focus On Solid & Followers Centric Content

You may have heard that “Content is King”. It’s true in the case of Instagram as well. The better the content, the more chances that it will be liked, shared, and get more comments. So, you should give more time to create a proper content strategy and post more engaging and attractive content.

Do trial and error here. Try posting a piece of content, and check your followers’ reactions. If they like the content, keep using the strategy. If they don’t like it, then you need to check what’s going wrong and how you can improve it to make it more followers-centric. Always try to post the content that your followers like to watch and read about.

Keep Watch On Instagram Influencers Of Your Niche

It’s one of my favorite strategies for getting more real Instagram followers. Sometimes it makes me feel like a James Bond! Just kidding. On a serious note, keeping an eye on the Instagram followers of your niche can help you a lot in creating better strategies. Check what they do to stay engaged with their followers, what type of content they are posting, and how they are interacting with their followers.

You can also follow them, like their posts, and add an appreciating comment on their post. This will help you build your reputation.

Try To Schedule Your Posts In Advance

As I earlier discussed above, consistency is the key to success on Instagram. If you do not post consistently, you may lose a good number of followers and post engagement. Risk, right? But don’t worry Internet is full of solutions for every problem (maybe not 100%, haha!). To keep yourself engaged with your followers, you can schedule posts using some tools.

There are some tools like Combin and Later, that provide a free scheduler for your social media posts. You can use such tools. But remember, don’t overdo this scheduling thing. Like every other good thing on the earth, this also comes with some disadvantages. And the most common disadvantage of scheduling posts in advance is your posts will not seem like having a human touch. It’ll look like some robots are handling your account which is not good.

So, use rescheduling to limit and try to engage manually more often. This will help you to get real Instagram followers for free.

Try To Respond To As Many Comments On The Post As Possible

I saw some people struggle to get comments on their posts and once they start getting them, they simply ignore those comments right away. Strange, no? Some people still don’t understand this. But comments play a very important role in building your reputation and engagement. If you are ignoring the comments on your posts, it shows that you are not interested in interacting with the people and ultimately results in low Instagram Followers.

Always try to respond to as many comments on your posts as you can. Keep your tone humble and polite. No matter whether the comment is positive or negative, try to respond in a positive manner. This will help you gain the trust of the person who comments and also you will be able to get more Instagram followers.

Stories Can Help You Increase Real Instagram Followers

Instagram Stories, launched by Instagram in 2016 is a very cool feature. Stories can help you keep in touch with your audience and ultimately get new Instagram followers. Some people will contradict this because stories are short and disappear in 24 Hours. But here’s a catch! Take it in a positive way.

Stories are awesome because sometimes your posts will not pop up in your followers’ feed, but your stories will always be on top of your followers’ feed. Great, right? Another advantage of stories is that you can save your best stories to your ‘Highlights’ section. Not enough? If you have a business account, you can even add a relevant link and hashtags to your stories. Stories give you a free hand to try new things in your content and it’s not necessary that it should be perfect.

Host A Giveaway For Your Followers

If you are a brand, then this strategy can become a golden opportunity for promoting your brand and getting real Instagram followers. You can host a giveaway for your followers on completing some easy tasks like asking them to like, comment & share your post with their friends. This will help you get more engagement and eventually more Instagram Followers.

If you are an influencer, then you can collaborate with the brand and do this on behalf of the brand asking people to follow your profile and brand profile for the giveaway. It’s a win-win situation for all.

Promote Your Instagram Account On Different Channels

It’s very rare that someone uses only Instagram as a social media network. Usually, people use 2 or more social media platforms and that gives you an advantage of promoting your Instagram profile on these platforms. If your post did not reach too many people on Instagram and if only a few people could see your reels, then you should try this strategy. You need to make sure that no stone remains unturned.

But only sharing the link to your Instagram account isn’t sufficient. You’ll need to give valuable content. So, post some content on your Instagram account and promote that content with the link to your profile. This in return can help you get real Instagram followers and likes free.

Keep Your Content Accessible For All

Around 430 million people in the world are facing the problem of ‘disabling’ hearing loss and around at least 2.2 billion people have vision impairment issues. This is a huge number. But it does not mean that these people don’t use social media. Hence, your content should be accessible to all.

While creating videos, stories, or reels, try to add subtitles for them. You can also add descriptive alt text while posting an image on Instagram.

These strategies are very helpful while using Instagram to promote a brand or to become a successful influencer. So, leverage these top 12 strategies for getting real Instagram followers.