How To Outreach Influencers To Promote The Company On Social Media?

Mar 9, 2022

What is Influencer Outreach?

Influencer outreach is the process of reaching out to an influencer to offer them a project of brand promotion on social media or to ask them to endorse your product or services on their social media accounts. Influencer marketing is broadly accepted as the new, trending, and more effective type of marketing. Nearly 20% of the companies worldwide use 50% of their digital marketing budget on influencer marketing.

Many brands want to promote the company on social media using influencer marketing but fail to search and outreach the influencers in a proper way. They stuck on many questions. Which influencer should we choose?, How should we contact an Influencer?, What should we say? and much more.

Here is a blueprint for you on how to find influencers for your brand and how to reach out to influencers to promote the company on social media.

How To Search For The Right Influencer to Promote the Company?

Some companies find it difficult to search for an influencer to promote the brand on social media. Some companies get the influencer but they avoid analyzing the influencer profile resulting in a poor campaign and their search goes in vain. If you are also one of them, then try these 3 steps to get the right match of an influencer to promote your business on social media.

1. Avoid Influencers who Promote Anything

With the increasing number of influencers, you may mistakenly select the influencer who promotes anything or who is willing to promote any brand irrespective of his expertise. It’s very necessary to choose the influencer that gives more importance to the quality content rather than product promotion. You should always choose the influencer who personally uses the product or services and doesn’t randomly promote any brand.

2. Choose Influencer Under Same Niche As Yours

It’s very necessary that the influencer you choose for your influencer marketing campaign should match your product niche. The influencer should be the ideal person who knows how to use your product. It makes it easy for you as a brand to promote the company on social media because influencers with prior knowledge about your product can resonate in a better way with their audience.

If you mistakenly choose the influencer who doesn’t match your product niche, it will affect badly on your campaign and will have less follower engagement.

3. Check Influencer’s Audience & Post Engagement

The influencer’s audience is one of the most important factors when choosing the influencer to promote the company on social media. Because they are your target audience and can be potential customers. So, you should always check the type of followers the influencer have.

Another important factor is post engagement. It may happen that you only check the number of followers and if it’s good, you’ll offer them the influencer job. The number of followers is important but you can’t say that each and every follower engage with every post of the influencer. So, you must check the previous post engagements of an influencer.

Post engagements primarily include likes, shares, and comments. One more catch is there! You can’t rely only on post likes here. You can consider it a proper engagement when the follower takes time to add a comment or share the post. These are some very crucial things to look at when you want to promote your business on social media using influencer marketing. Follow these steps of how to find influencers for your brand to promote your brand on social media more efficiently.

Outreach Influencers With Attracting Email

Influencer marketing is becoming a preferred way of marketing for most businesses nowadays. So, when you try to outreach the influencer using email to promote the brand, it is possible that your competitors or other businesses are also approaching that influencer at the same time.

Pretty competitive, right? Yes, influencers get hundreds of emails for paid collaboration daily. So, it’s very important that your email should be attractive enough to get the attention of the influencer. Following are some of the tips that you can use to outreach influencers through email more effectively.

1. Catchy Subject Line

Your email subject line is the first stage of communication with the influencer in email outreach. So, it’s very important that you use a catchy and attractive subject line that contains some text related to the benefits for the influencer. You can use some emojis to make it more attractive as well. Very few people use emojis in the subject line. So, it can give you the advantage of getting more attention from the influencer.

Another thing to take note of while writing the subject line is the length of the subject line. It’s advised that you use a short subject line as much as possible. It’s because most of the influencers check emails on their mobile phones (almost 42% influencers) and most email apps show up to 60 characters subject line only on mobile phones. That’s why the average length of the subject line should be between 40-45 characters.

2.Short Emails With Proper CTA

Email is the way of conversation with the influencer and keeping it short is always sweet as lengthy emails can test the patience of the influencer and they may ignore reading such emails. The email length should always be below 400 words to keep it readable, less time-consuming, direct to the point.

Try to add only the most relevant information about your business, benefits for the influencer, and proper CTA(Call to action). Avoid using too much content, because it can make it difficult for the influencer to notice the CTA. Remember, the influencer should clearly see the call to action button or link.

3. Engaging Mail Body

Although your attractive subject line may attract the influencer to open the mail, if they don’t find your mail body engaging enough, they will simply ignore your mail. So, your email body is also very crucial in email outreach. As discussed above, your mail should be short, simple, and easy to read. You can start with the introduction of your brand or you can write about how their content is relevant to your brand niche. You can also add one of their popular posts and give your view on that.

In this way, you generate a relationship with the influencer that can result in a successful collaboration to promote the company on social media.

4. Mention The Compensation Information

You should mention in the mail what you will offer in return to the influencer for the collaboration. Influencers expect some compensation, so adding the benefits of a campaign in the mail body is very important. If you are providing the free product or service instead of the monetary compensation, you should mention that as well. Apart from that, you should also mention what you will offer to the followers of the influencer if they land on your website like a personalized discount coupon.

5. Give Human Touch And Personalize

Sending bulk emails is not recommended when outreaching influencers for collaboration. These automated emails do not connect with the influencers and they simply ignore such emails. Giving your email a human touch and making it more personalized can create some interest in the influencer to check the email.

Add the influencer name in the subject line to personalize the email. Check their social profile, their likes, and dislikes, and accordingly modify your email body. As discussed above, keep your email engaging enough with the influencer.

Final Thoughts

People nowadays check the brands that post genuine content on social media. And influencers can help brands to create and post genuine content that connects well with the audience. For that, there should be a good relationship between the brand and the influencer, and both mutually know about each other. It all starts with searching for a suitable influencer that matches your business niche.

Searching for the right influencer and outreaching them to promote the company on social media can be an overwhelming task. But with the proper steps mentioned above, it can become easy for you to get the right influencer for collaboration.

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