11 Key Influencer Marketing Strategies For Brands

May 12, 2022

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer Marketing is a form of social media marketing in which the focus is more on influential people instead of the whole target market and the influencers endorse and mention the products in their social media posts in exchange for free products, monetary perks, or sometimes both. Many brands are nowadays counting on Influencer Marketing for their brand promotion because of the advantages such as wide audience reach, no worry Adblockers, better tracking, and more. Even though, some businesses fail to get proper conversions through influencer marketing. One of the main reasons behind it is poor influencer marketing strategies. Here are the 11 best influencer marketing strategies for brands to get more success through influencer campaigns.

Key Influencer Marketing Strategies:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

The most important thing while planning the influencer marketing strategies for your brand promotion is identifying your target audience. You can analyze it by determining your target audience’s gender, income, marital status, education level, location, age, interests, behavior, and life stage. You should know what type of products your audience buys, what type of content they mostly follow on social media, and what they are interested in like gadgets, healthy eating, science & tech, etc.

2. Plan Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Objectives

Do you need more product sales? Or need people to be aware of your brand? Or need people to subscribe to your updates? Decide all this in your social media influencer marketing strategies. Create goals and KPIs for your campaign objectives like for conversions, your KPIs could be purchases, clicks, and email signups; for brand awareness, your KPIs could be the number of searches of your brand name, social engagements, and website traffic. It’s not advised to mix both your brand awareness objective and conversion objective or even the different conversion objectives either in a single campaign. If you want your audience to subscribe to your newsletter and buy your product as well in a single campaign, then your audience may get confused because of an unclear call to action. So, it’s always better to run different campaigns for your unique campaign objectives.

3. Choose the Right Social Media Platform

When you are ready with your target audience and campaign objective, the next influencer marketing strategy for brands is choosing the right social media platform for the campaign. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. These platforms support different types of media sharing. Choose the platform that suits your requirements. Instagram has more advantages if you are targeting millennials. Stories, images, videos, or small reels are the types of media that you can target. Apart from that Instagram also supports shopping features which makes it easier for your target audience to make a purchase.

4. Choose Influencer from Your Business Niche

After choosing the social media platform for your influencer marketing campaign, it’s time to choose the best influencer for your campaign. The easiest way to search for the influencer is through social media. That was pretty obvious, no? Yes! You just need to search the topic of your business niche on social media. Look what conversations are going on, who is heard the most by people, which influencer is getting more attention and followers, and more. Apart from that, you can also use the AdFames Video Monetisation platform to search for the best influencer for your social media campaigns. AdFames has a wide range of social influencers with multiple filters to choose the suitable influencer for your campaign.

5. Focus More on Engagement than the Number of Followers

The next tip you should consider while creating the best influencer marketing strategies is to focus more on engagement rather than the number of followers of an influencer. It doesn’t mean the number of followers is a bad metric. It still has importance because you won’t want to hire an influencer who has only 100-200 followers throughout his all social profiles and has a very good engagement rate. The best way to proceed is to list out the right influencers with a handsome amount of followers according to your target audience size. Then filter the list by checking their post engagement rate on their social media accounts. It’s really important because you can’t only rely on the number of followers. In the world of digital advancements, followers can be bought for a certain amount of money. These are fake followers and don’t directly relate with the influencers and don’t engage with the influencer’s posts. Hence, to check the influence of the social influencer, you must consider how many followers engage with the posts. Check the number of subscribers, if it’s a YouTuber, and then check the number of views on their videos. If it’s an Instagram influencer, check the number of comments and likes on their posts. To check if influencer on Twitter is using the “Follow for Follow” method, check the ratio of followers to following. If it’s 1:1 or nearby then it’s clear that he’s using the FOF method and you need to check the engagement here.

6. Outreach The Influencer and Build a Relationship

Once you find out the suitable social influencer for your campaign, it’s time to understand how to outreach influencers to promote the company. Always keep in mind that you are not the only one who is trying to hire the influencer for the influencer marketing campaign. Influencers get a lot of proposals daily for collaboration. So, it’s very important to focus on how you can stand out when outreaching the influencer. Before outreaching the influencer follow them, like and comment on their posts, build a proper relationship. Know them well and include your experience of their social presence in your email for outreach. Apart from that, your email should have a catchy subject line, a short and engaging mail body, should contain what you’ll offer for collaboration, etc.

7. Analyze What Works For You, Not Your Competitors

Copying influencer marketing strategies of your competitors may work for you. But not always. Sometimes, it can harm your brand reputation and damage your campaign objectives. Do not copy what your peers are doing using influencer marketing. Research things, check what your target audience is interested in, and ask the influencer to create unique content around it. This works better because people like to see new and unique content on social media.

8. Keep the Influencer in Your Campaign Goals Loop

It’s very important that the influencer you choose for your influencer marketing campaign should know your campaign objectives and goals clearly. Once you get the confirmation from the influencer for the collaboration, you should send the brief of your campaign objectives to the influencer. Your mail should contain the exact name of the social media account from which you want the influencer to post the content for you. It’s important because the influencer could have multiple social media accounts even on a single platform. It should also contain the exact goal like brand awareness, app download, or product sales and also a small message that you want to convey to your target audience. Keep it short and understandable to the influencer.

9. Be Genuine and Maintain Authenticity

When you run an influencer marketing campaign, there is a fair chance that you’ll get comments on the posts regarding inquiries or doubts or even some negative feedback. It’s very important to address the critical comments on the post humbly. You need to be genuine at every stage of your campaign. This is crucial to building a long-term relationship with your target audience. You are running the campaign on social media. So, always remember the word “social” and work towards growth accordingly.

10. Let Influencers Do the Creative Things

As I mentioned above, you should keep your instructions for the influencer campaign as short as possible and give the influencer full control of creating unique and creative posts for your campaign. The proper meaning of influencer marketing lies in that. You choose it because influencers are the people to whom their audience believes blindly and feel like having a personal connection with them. So, giving creative control to the influencer makes it easy for them to create posts that can be easily digested by their audience.

11. Be Patient & Don’t Judge Quickly

It’s essential to track the results of influencer marketing campaigns. But it takes time to get the results and judging very quickly is never recommended. You need to keep patience. People take time to convert. You can not expect that once the influencer posted your content and you’ll see a spike in your goal conversions. It may happen that people like the post, like your brand, but they need some time to take the decision. So, it’s advisable to be patient and avoid judging the influencer too quickly. Social Media is full of creativity and it’s always evolving new trends and techniques to influence people. Having a strong influencer marketing strategy for a brand is very crucial in such a digital space. So, use these 11 key influencer marketing strategies to run a successful influencer marketing campaign for your brand.