10 Biggest Influencer Mistakes Made by Instagram Influencers

Mar 9, 2022

With the rapid increase in the number of Instagram influencers, the competition for getting influencer marketing projects is also increasing. So, some influencers commit mistakes unknowingly or even intentionally. These mistakes can harm your popularity.

Following are the 10 biggest influencer mistakes made by the Instagram influencer. If you want to become a successful influencer, try to avoid these mistakes. It will help you stay at the top of the race.

1. Creating A Wrong Social Media Strategy

Setting up the campaign objectives is one of the earliest steps of tracking your best influencer campaigns. According to your strategic business goals, you can set the campaign objectives to track website traffic from social media, track engagement, track brand awareness, or even track conversions. Having defined campaign objectives is very important for a successful influencer marketing campaign. Well, tracking campaign goals can be somewhat difficult if the influencer doesn’t use any affiliate link. But if your website shows growth in new users, more conversions, more signups, etc. after an influencer campaign, then you can consider your campaign to be successful.

2. Extreme Concentration on Number of        Followers

There are some Instagram influencers who give more than enough importance to increasing the number of followers which is totally a waste of time. If you have 10,000 followers but if they are only random people and only a few of them have interest in your content, is it worth it? Of course, not. Having an organic follower base is always better than using various methods like ‘follow for follow’ to increase Instagram followers. ‘Follow For Follow’ is one of the most common influencer marketing mistakes that many Instagram influencers commit.

3. Not Acknowledging Negative Comments

Another very common mistake that Instagram influencers make is ignoring the negative comments on their posts. Some influencers even delete the negative comments. This can harm your marketability and your audiences’ trust in you and your content. Responding to the negative comments with elegance will always uplift your trustworthiness. It’s important because many of your followers observe your behavior in such comments. The best way to deal with such comments is to stay calm and polite while responding and if necessary ask the commenter to contact you. You should always be transparent with your followers.

4. Buying Fake Followers

As mentioned above as well, concentrating only on the number of followers will never help you become a trustworthy Instagram influencer. Some influencers buy fake followers to increase the count but it’s just like decoration of your Instagram profile. It won’t help you get any influencer marketing jobs. Anyone can understand if you bought the followers or not just by checking the number of views, likes, and a lot of generic comments on your Instagram posts. So, avoid buying followers. Remember, no brand will invest in an influencer who generates very little ROI.

5. Wrong Use of Hashtags

This is also one of the most repeated influencer mistakes that many Instagram Influencers commit. Not using hashtags for Instagram influencers and captions or not using them in a proper way can lead to low engagement of your audience in your posts. Overusing the hashtags can also harm your post, hence should be avoided. A proper caption with proper emojis and hashtags only related to the post with proper capitalization is the best way to share the post on Instagram. You should check out some big Instagram Influencers’ examples to get an idea of how to use proper hashtags.

6. Too Much Promotional Content

The most important advantage of being an Instagram Influencer is that you get paid for using and promoting the product on Instagram. Or you get free gifts from the brands for promoting their product or service. But overdoing this is a big influencer mistake and can damage your follower base and your popularity. Remember, as an influencer you should inform your influencers about the products or services you really used and not only about the products you are getting paid for.

Understand your followers, select the product or service that you and your followers will like to use, share your real experience, but don’t overdo promotion.

7. Depending only on Scheduled Post

It can happen sometimes that you won’t get time to manually post your content on Instagram and you use the schedule post option. It’s totally understandable as Instagram influencers are busy with many other works. But creating and posting scheduled posts very often doesn’t look natural and feels like a lifeless profile. This is also a reason behind the low follower count. Avoid being dependent on only scheduled posts. Try to be interactive, go live, respond to the comments, and do other things that can keep your audience engaged with you.

8. Posting Unconnected Content

Your posts are the main source for your Instagram audience to connect with you. But posting irrelevant content or only posting one type of content (posts about you and your life only) is one of the biggest influencer mistakes that can hamper your relationship with your audience. Let’s say, your niche for influencing people is Electronics & Gadgets. You should always try to post content related to that niche only but also not concentrate on only one segment like mobiles and explore more content on other segments of that niche like laptops, TVs, Gaming Consoles, etc.

Don’t try to cover the whole Instagram community by posting content of every niche. It won’t help you. Try to focus on your niche. People interested in your niche will find you and if you have relevant content for them, they’ll follow you.

9. Using Duplicate Content

Posting someone else’s content, or using their style, or even using the same filters, caption, and hashtags can have bad effects on your profile. Some bigger Instagram influencer is using the content and getting more engagements doesn’t mean that it will have the same results for your post. Don’t copy others. It’s a common Influencer mistake. Always try to be unique and have your original content. Show your followers your own personality. This is a good habit for becoming a famous Instagram influencer.

10. Ignoring Social Media Metrics

Some social media metrics like likes, comments, and total engagements of the posts are very important to analyze the performance of your post so that you can improve on your loopholes. Have you ever wondered why your one post got less engagement than the other? If not, then you are lacking behind in the race to become a famous Instagram Influencer. Analyzing your posts can help you explore the new things that you can implement in your upcoming posts to increase engagement and ultimately your Instagram followers.

Are you one of the Instagram Influencers who make these mistakes? Review your previous posts, your followers’ comments, and other metrics. Avoid these top 10 common Influencer mistakes and make your Instagram profile look more natural and organic.